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30-Mar-2020 Becoming a substantial holder (corrected notice)

30-Mar-2020 Becoming a substantial holder

30-Mar-2020 Appendix 3Y - T Steenackers

27-Mar-2020 Appendix 2A

25-Mar-2020 Suspension from Official Quotation

25-Mar-2020 COVID-19 impact, trading and guidance update

25-Mar-2020 Scheme of arrangement legally effective

25-Mar-2020 Supreme Court approves Scheme

25-Mar-2020 Further details of second court hearing to approve scheme

24-Mar-2020 Change in substantial holding

23-Mar-2020 Details of second Court hearing to approve scheme

23-Mar-2020 Appendix 3Y - S Forrester

19-Mar-2020 Scheme Meeting - Results

19-Mar-2020 Scheme Meeting - Chair's Address and Proxy Voting Results

13-Mar-2020 Change in substantial holding

04-Mar-2020 Settlement of acquisition

03-Mar-2020 Change in substantial holding


28-Feb-2020 Ceasing to be a substantial holder

28-Feb-2020 Becoming a substantial holder

26-Feb-2020 Ceasing to be a substantial holder

26-Feb-2020 Change in substantial holding

24-Feb-2020 Half Year Results - Investor Presentation

24-Feb-2020 Half Year Results - Media Release

24-Feb-2020 Appendix 4D and Half Year Financial Report

21-Feb-2020 Settlement of acquisitions

20-Feb-2020 FIRB condition to VetPartners scheme proposal waived

18-Feb-2020 Ceasing to be a substantial holder

14-Feb-2020 Becoming a substantial holder

14-Feb-2020 ASIC Registration of NVC Scheme Booklet

14-Feb-2020 Becoming a substantial holder

13-Feb-2020 NVC shareholders to vote on VetPartners scheme proposal

13-Feb-2020 Half year results release date

12-Feb-2020 Change in substantial holding

12-Feb-2020 Acquisitions update

11-Feb-2020 Appendix 2A

11-Feb-2020 Proposed issue of Securities - NVL


14-Jan-2020  Ceasing to be a substantial holder